Terms & Condition

We The Jacket Master will always price your privacy and also safety. As we take orders, so you will consequently find out that all of our line orders, pass through a good process monitoring system. We make use of a common kind of gateway devices for the processing of our orders. We ensure that our customer’s electronic mails get never and ever revealed to the third parties. We will never disclose your electronic mails and your records to any of the third parties. We are here to preserve the data of your files for some particular and specified reasons. Through this record, we can let you know about the The Jacket Master product and latest promotions. You can email us at any time. You can give us a ring. Call us at any time and know about our latest products and items. If you have any of the questions or you want to give us a feedback, then you are free to provide us with email.


Terms and conditions:
• Our priority is the customer pride. They are our pinnacle priority. Your comments will always remain vital and important to us.
• We trouble refunds based on the condition of items and also situations.
• The refund is possible if the item brought come out to be faulty. Before you make a claim, we are also 100% sure that we carry out the excellent inspection of your our dispatched items.
• If you want to change some incorrectly kind of ordered object, then you have to e-mail us.
• We will not be accepting the returns of those items which used or which broken during the transit process! You have to ensure that all of your bought items are packaged and also insured correctly along with the evidence and proof of postage on them.

We The Jacket Master are here to serve you all the time!